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Video Mapping
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‘Video mapping’: “La andariega de Dios”

          Sunday 2nd August, on the north canvas of the Avila City Walls
          Two showings from 22:30 hours onwards.
          Duration: 25 minutes.

To coincide with the celebration of the fifth centenary of the birth of St. Teresa of Avila, the show provides a script that tells the story of the St.’s life, focusing specifically on her twenty-year spiritual campaign retreat, consecrated in the Carmelite reforms.

The St. Teresa Foundations will be, therefore, the main topic of the performance, presented through a time machine that will transport viewers to another epoch and will invite them on a trip around the Spanish geography, visiting the main cities, towns and convents that form part of the work of the St. Teresa Foundations.

Divided into 3 scenes: “Genesis from adventure toward divinity”, “Permanently departing” and “The definitive encounter”, the show will travel through different periods of the St.’s life, from her religious retreat in La Encarnación Convent in Ávila until her death in Alba de Tormes.

The images, lights and sound will display the historical context, the main charact ers relating to this Doctor of the Clergy and some of the most representative iconographical element. Though we shall also discover her humble and tenacious character, highlighting her qualities as a writer and a woman before her time.

Thanks to the technique known as video mapping, a new projection tool on a large scale, it is possible to bring the buildings to life using optical illusions and providing volume and a three-dimensional nature to the surface upon which the images are projected. In this way, around the parameters of the wall, 2 and 3D effects will be broadcast: coloured lines, stone slabs that move around, fire and diverse textures, transforming the visual perception of the same and managing to surprise the crowd.

Aside from the visual creation, the show will have its own soundtrack in which vocal and instrumental music will be contained, poems by St. Teresa recited and sung, diverse off-screen voices provided by acting specialists and audio effects synchronised with the images.

The three-dimensional and panoramic images projected onto the wall, the tricks of light and shadows, the silences, music, multiple voices and poems, will begin the weave the story and create the atmosphere necessary to achieve an innovative and astounding show.

Technical Details

For the production and performance a spectacular technical deployment of 80,000 projection lumens, 50 robotic lighting heads, more than 3 kilometres of cable and 100,000 watts of sound in 8.1 format; a total of 250 linear metres to create the show (120 linear metres for project + 130 linear metres for lighting).

The artistic and technical management of the project is provided by Xtrañas Producciones, a company specialised in multimedia and audio-visual shows using video-mapping on a large scale. Xtrañas Producciones carried out in 2011 the multimedia performance “Born In the Heart of the Church for the World”, for the occasion of the World Congress of Catholic Universities, organised by the Universidad Católica de Ávila.



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