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The Honorable Dr. Asunción Aguirrezábal de Antoñanzas
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Asunción Aguirrezábal de Antoñanzas

Asunción Aguirrezábal was born in Bilbao; she studied in Switzerland and England. She is a member of the “Damas de la Cruz Roja” Committee (committee in charge of the fund-raising for the Spanish Red Cross), early on she devoted herself to charity, holding the presidency of the Obra Luisa de Marillac in Bilbao for 10 years which is dedicated to meeting the underprivileged, creating children’s canteens, senior clubs, etc. In 1972 she got married to a widower with 10 children. Now they have 20 grandchildren.

In 1982 she was a part of the Organizing Committee for the celebrations to commemorate the IV Centenary of St. Teresa of Avila’s death in Vizcaya, organizing the performance of a Eucharistic Play about St. Teresa. Since then she has been attending courses on St. Teresa’s life given by Father Tomás Álvarez in Avila.

She has written two books and numerous articles, given many interviews on television and organized courses and conferences about St. Teresa. During the last 15 years she has given over 30 speeches about St. Teresa in academies, universities, churches, etc., most notably at the Spanish Royal Palace, the Spanish Academy of History, National Library and the Spanish Embassy in the Vatican City.

Since 1999 she has collaborated with Fr. Tomás on spreading the writings of St. Teresa, having supported the publishing of the facsimile editions of her four main books: Vida (trans. The Book of Her Life), Fundaciones (trans. the Book of Foundations), Camino de Perfección (trans. The Way of Perfection) and Las Moradas (trans. The Interior Castle or The Mansions).

  • Lecturer and scholar of Saint Teresa.
  • Since 1999 she has collaborated with Fr. Tomás on spreading the writings of St. Teresa.

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